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Legal Services for Every Stage of Life

Our Edmonton lawyers develop a solid attorney-client relationship with you, allowing you to achieve your goals during each stage of life.  Close relationships with our clients help us better understand them and their needs.

Motor Vehicle Accidents &
Personal Injury Law

Have you been injured because of someone else’s actions or negligence? It’s very important that you receive medical attention immediately and ensure your physician and treatment providers have properly documented your injuries. Contact our experienced personal injury lawyers today at (780) 489-5003.

Personal Injury Law

Real Estate Legal Services

KBL Law LLP is a full-service real estate law firm in Edmonton offering our clients personalized legal help with buying and selling properties. We have extensive experience in all types of real estate transactions, both residential and commercial.  Contact our experienced real estate lawyers today at (780) 489-5003.

Real Estate Law

Business & Corporate Law

Alberta business owners have a lot of tasks to deal with day-to-day. Compliance with Alberta laws is a requirement for running your business. Trust in a KBL Law corporate lawyer and you are free to concentrate on your bottom line.  Contact our experienced corporate lawyers today at (780) 489-5003.

Business & Corporate

Wills & Estate Management including estate planning, guardianship and trusteeship, and dependent adult

You have spent a lifetime accruing assets, now make sure they are properly handled if you are unable to manage your own affairs; that your assets are distributed as you wish with a legal will when you die.  Learn why writing a will, a personal care directive and power of attorney are all so important and why you need the help of an experienced wills and estate lawyer at KBL Law.

Have someone in your life who is physically or mentally challenged and can’t make their own personal or financial life decisions?  Let us help with guardianship, trusteeship or dependent adult issues.  Call us today at (780) 489-5003.

Wills & Estates

Family Law

Everyone wants their family to be safe, happy, healthy and well taken care of. When disputes arise, these can be emotional and difficult times.  Our KBL Law family lawyers will provide you with an open, honest approach to your family conflicts.  It is always our desire to bring civil, amicable, effective conflict resolution to any family struggle.  Our primary goal is to negotiate what is best for you and your family.  When division of assets, spousal support or child custody and child support can’t be settled through agreement, our family lawyers have experience in family litigation to bring resolution for you and your family.  Call us today at (780) 489-5003.

Family Law & Divorce