Edmonton Estate Lawyers to Help You Organize Your Assets

Learn why Writing a Will is so important and why you need the help of KBL Law for your Wills and Estates.

Writing a Will

Technically, you can Write your own Will, but if you don’t follow all of the requirements, it might not hold up in Court.  That is why it’s important to Hire an Experienced Wills & Estates Lawyer in Edmonton.

A will should not only dictate what happens to your Assets when you die, but who should carry out your wishes.  An Estate Lawyer in Edmonton can help you properly organize your assets through the following Services:

  • Wills
  • Estate Planning
  • Personal Care Directives
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Guardianship and Trusteeship

A Primary Goal of Wills & Estates Legal documentation preparation is to Assert your wishes in Writing in order to avoid costly and destructive Estate Litigation amongst family members. You want your Assets to be properly distributed to the designated beneficiaries without any troubles.

Your Will Organizes Your Estate

Can you imagine if your family was torn apart after your death because you didn’t have a Will? You have spent your lifetime accruing Assets, now make sure they are properly distributed as you wish with a Legal Will.

As odd as it sounds, your last will and testament are like you are speaking from beyond the grave. It expresses your “Will” or “Wishes” for the distribution of your Assets.

Your Will can be modified with a Legal document, called a Codicil.

Dying Without a Will

Why do you need to Write a Will in the first place? The answer is simple.  If you have no will, you will have no say in how your Assets should be distributed.

This could create chaos unnecessarily.  Dying intestate (without a Will)  means your Estate will be divided among your family according to the Wills and Succession Act without your input.

Personal Care Directive

Sometimes life takes unexpected turns. You might be hurt in an accident.  You might end up comatose (in a vegetative state).  You might be unable to make decisions for yourself because of a life-altering Medical condition, like a Stroke, Brain Injury or Dementia.  Circumstances might leave you incapacitated and incapable of making important Health care decisions.

If you make a Personal Care Directive (also known as a Living Will) ahead of time, your relatives and Medical staff can follow your wishes for Healthcare.

Power of Attorney

Life-altering events can happen to anyone no matter your age.  Appointing someone you trust to look after your Financial Affairs if you are unable to Will give you peace of mind.  You love your parents, and it can be difficult to see them age. At some point, they might face Alzheimer’s, memory loss or dementia. A Power of Attorney gives someone you trust the right and Authority to manage your Assets and make important decisions on your behalf.

Powers of Attorney can become active when signed or when an individual becomes incapacitated.

Trusteeship and Guardianship

A Court order can also be used to manage someone’s Affairs to make important Financial, Healthcare or social decisions on behalf of the Dependent Adult.

Plan ahead by using a KBL Law solicitor for Wills, Estates and Trusts. Contact Us Today by Phone at (780) 489-5003 or Online to Prepare a Will, Power of Attorney, Personal Directive or assist you with a dependent adult, trusteeship, or guardianship application.

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